Friday, 6 April 2018

The Original Triad

I refer to an "Original Triad" (see Shared Fictions) of future histories because:

Robert Heinlein's Future History is the definitive American future history series;

Poul Anderson modeled his Psychotechnic History directly on the Future History;

Anderson's Technic History was not modeled on anything but nevertheless organically grew into a much longer Heinlein-model future history series.

The Technic History differs from the Future and Psychotechnic Histories in that two of its many future historical periods are each covered by an entire series:

the Psychotechnic League periods (16 works);
the Flandry Period of the Terran Empire (15 works) -

- although the History also includes 12 other works.

Our next task will be to try to contemplate the Technic History in its entirety.

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