Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Some Important Organizations

Poul Anderson's Mirkheim (London, 1978) informs us, on p. 34, that "Esau" is set about thirty years earlier than the novel, which makes me re-revise where I think that that short story should fit in the History of Technic Civilization series.

Meanwhile, it might be helpful to list some of the main players in Mirkheim.

The Polesotechnic League
The Home Companies
The Seven In Space
The Independents

The Home Companies
Global Cybernetics
General Atomistics
Unity Communications
Terran Synthetics
Planetary Biologicals

The Dominant Unions
United Technicians
Service Industries Workers
The Commonwealth Scientific Association

The Seven In Space
Galactic Developments
XT Systems
Interstar Transport
Sanchez Engineering
Stellar Metals
Timebinders Insurance
Abdallah Enterprises

The Independents
The Solar Spice & Liquors Company
Danstrup Cargo Carriers
Sinbad Prospecting
The Society of Venturers

Planetary Governments
The Solar Commonwealth
The Grand Duchy of Hermes
The Autarchy of United Babur

The Supermetals Company Member Planets
some Cynthian societies

We know of all the named Supermetals member planets and Galactic Developments' head office is on Germania which becomes important later. I would expect to be employed by a Commonwealth Department like Education and to be a member of the Service Industries Workers Union.

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