Saturday, 1 June 2013

Questions About Desai's Theory

(i) In one of the historical cycles, might the initial growth of a new society be followed by "right decisions," thus preventing breakdown?

(ii) Desai says that a fresh start is possible. Has there been one?

(iii) Will invasions and conquests continue into an indefinite future? It is now unthinkable that Germany and France resolve their economic or political differences by warfare. Can such unmilitaristic international relations not be extended globally?

(iv) Desai identifies the cartelization of the Polesotechnic League as the wrong decision for Technic civilization but surely Anderson had shown us several other problems in the League period? -

the resentment and bitterness of many individuals who did not succeed in that extremely competitive economy;
entire species left behind by Technic civilization (Falkayn tried to address this);
resentment by the Merseian aristocratic party because the League had bypassed them to deal instead with the Gethfennu, Merseian organized crime;
unscrupulous traders selling spaceships and atomic weapons to barbarians;
not only cartels but, even worse, a government-cartel alliance! - although I think that this is an inevitable part of the process. 

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