Saturday, 15 June 2013

Continuity In The Flandry Series II

To recapitulate -

"Tiger by the Tail" (Jan, '51): Scothani;
"Honorable Enemies" (May, '51): reference to Scothani, lying to a telepath, Aycharaych;
"The Warriors from Nowhere" ('54): Fenross, Chives, private spaceship, Tauria;
"The Game of Glory" ('58): reference to lying to a telepath, Sir Dominic, Nyanza;
"Hunters of the Sky Cave" ('59): reference to Nyanza, Aycharaych, Fenross, Chives, Hooligan;
"A Message in Secret" ('61): no private spaceship;
"The Plague of Masters" ('61): direct sequel to "A Message in Secret";
A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows ('75): Chives, Hooligan, Tauria, Aycharaych.

"Tiger by the Tail," "Honorable Enemies," "The Game of Glory" and "Hunters of the Sky Cave" are a linear sequence, forming a tetralogy that could be published as a unit.

The '61 diptych could be published as a unit but must be set after Flandry was knighted and before he acquired Chives and a private spaceship.

"The Warriors from Nowhere" has to come after the diptych and, because of the Taurian connection, is effectively a prologue to A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows.

The diptych has to be set before "Hunters of the Sky Cave" and thus interrupts the proposed tetralogy. This changed order is the one used in Sandra Miesel's Chronolgy of Technic Civilization. There is something odd about the way Anderson introduced Flandry's servant and private spaceship in '54 but then left them out of three later stories.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

But I think it's reasonable to believe Flandry would not always be accompanied by Chives (such as the time he was kidnaped by the Scothani). Or always be using "Hooligan." So I'm not very surprised to not seeing either or both of them in all of the Flandry storie up till A STONE IN HEAVEN.