Monday, 2 April 2018

Targovi, Agent Of The Terran Empire

The titles, The Man Who Counts and Trader To The Stars, describe Nicholas van Rijn.

The title, David Falkayn: Star Trader, describes van Rijn's protege, David Falkayn.

The title, The Trouble Twisters, describes van Rijn's trade pioneer crew led by Falkayn.

Agent Of The Terran Empire describes Dominic Flandry.

Van Rijn and Falkayn are merchants whereas Flandry is an intelligence agent in a later historical period. The "Man Who Counts" motivates others whereas the "Trouble Twisters" solve practical problems.

Targovi combines the roles of merchant and intelligence agent. Both Flandry and Targovi play The Game Of Empire.

On Daedalus, Targovi sells:

artifacts made by Tigeries and Seafolk on Imhotep;
Imhotepan natural products, including food edible by Terrans and Starkadians.

We will have more posts about Targovi.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And of course ENSIGN FLANDRY also refers to Dominic Flandry, who among other things, set in motions the events that would save the intelligent races of Starkad from extinction.

And Targovi's work as a merchant was meant to both enable him to make a living and provide cover for his REAL job as an undercover agent for the Empire. And the very phrase "the game of empire" was meant by Anderson as an allusion to the "great game" in Kipling's novel KIM. The Bible, and the works of Shakespeare and Kipling were among the most frequently used sources by Anderson for ideas, metaphors, allusions, quotes, etc.