Monday, 2 April 2018

Targovi IV

Targovi sounds like a minor kind of guy but think again. He is a son of Dragoika who is:

chief among the Sisterhood that led the Tigeries of the Toborkozan region on Starkad;

an old friend of Sir Dominic Flandry who has become a Fleet Admiral, was a close confidante of the Imperial usurper, Hans Molitor, and retains the grudging respect of the current Emperor, a son of Hans.

Targovi's immediate superior, although merely a captain, is believed by his subordinates to be high in the confidence of Admiral Magnusson. However, unfortunately, this will put Targovi and the captain on opposite sides of a civil war.

Are we always closer to the powerful than we think? I know our local Member of Parliament who knows the Leader of her Party who knows the Prime Minister who knows the Queen and the President of the United States. However, that does not mean that I can get a message to the President!

(The caged "animal" is the disguised Targovi.)

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

If I recall correctly what S.M. Stirling wrote in DRAKON, we are all of us no more than seven removes from any particular person we might possibly want to contact. Meaning you are only three and four removes away from POSSIBLY contacting the Queen or the US President. Which also applies to ME if I count YOU as one of those links. (Smiles)

I can imagine hypothetical situations where you MIGHT "get thru" to the PM, Queen, or US President if you absolutely, urgently, and TRULY needed to do so. Of course you would need to convince your MP, then he/she in turn the party leader or other contacts of that. Not very likely, but theoretically possible.