Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Battle Sun

"The first major engagement occurred near a dim red dwarf star which had, then, merely a catalogue number, but which afterward was known to spacefarers as Battle Sun."
-Poul Anderson, The Game Of Empire IN Anderson, Flandry's Legacy (Riverdale, NY, 2012), pp. 189-453 AT CHAPTER EIGHT, p. 279.

We want to read a Technic History installment set later in which a spacefarer refers, without explanation, to "Battle Sun." However, The Game Of Empire, published in 1985, was the last written installment. Four installments set later were written earlier but none refers to a Battle Sun - I don't think.

For the historical significance of an English village called "Battle," see Faces Of War.

The battle at the red sun is the first major engagement between Gerhartists and Olafists in a Terran civil war. I will not summarize the war here but will post about interesting details like Battle Sun.

Posting over lunch, I will shortly repair to the gym and swimming pool where I have once or twice received inspiration for further posts. See Dennitza And Ys: Their Contrasting Fates.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Correct, none of the four post-Imperial stories in the Technic timeline mentions Battle Sun. How could they? The characters in "A Tragedy of Errors" were far too busy, in an obscure corner of the fallen Empire, trying to survive in the chaos of the Long Night to recall such details. And the events in the three later stories happened too far away in time and space for Battle Sun to be recalled.