Sunday, 24 February 2013

Say It With Flowers

OK. The third story in Poul Anderson's Tales Of The Flying Mountains (New York, 1984), "Say It With Flowers," describes an incident during the revolutionary war and ends after the Asteroid Republic has won its independence.

 "Interlude 3" informs us that after that the asterites made great advances in " 'Invention, exploration, construction...' " and that " '...the Republic saw a brilliant era.' " (pp. 127, 128) So the fourth story, "Ramble with a Gamblin' Man," this one written for the collection, will show us something of that. As I said, a systematic future history.

So far, appropriately, there has been no continuity of characters between the stories. The hero is history.

PS. Retroactively, we realize that the title of this story had told us what really happened in it.

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