Sunday, 24 February 2013

Health Report

Thank you for all the page views, over a hundred a day recently, and sorry that I am not able to generate a daily post for the blog. I have been laid up with a cold for two days and needing easier entertainment, so I have watched three Smallville TV episodes, started rereading a Smallville novel and posted on the Comics Appreciation blog. In the image, you behold Lancaster Castle and Priory Church, just above Blades St where I live.

Rereading Poul Anderson's Tales Of The Flying Mountains, I had arrived at the eve of the Asteroid Revolution and felt unable, with a bad cold, to cope with the military and political complexities of the situation but will return to it soon. After that, there are five remaining stories in the collection and I have no memory, after all this time, of what happens in them. A welcome extra dimension is provided by the Interludes in which an Advisory Committee of extrasolar colonists discusses how to teach Asteroid history to succeeding generations. This single volume is the most systematically conceived and executed of Anderson's nine future history series.

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