Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Some Trivia

In The Shield Of Time, the list of Tor books by Poul Anderson ends with Tales of the Time Patrol, asterisked as "forthcoming." It forthcame as The Time Patrol. Thus, the full list of Time Patrol collection titles used or unused becomes:

Guardians Of Time (4 stories)
The Guardians Of Time (5)
Annals Of The Time Patrol (7)
Tales Of The Time Patrol (unused)
The Time Patrol (9)
Time Patrol (10)

As previously argued, I think that, if the Time Patrol series is to be collected in two long volumes, then Volume I should be nine stories with a revised order so maybe another slight title change would be appropriate? Also, "The Time Patrol and The Shield Of Time" sounds good as a diptych.

I will be strongly tempted to stop at 140 posts for this month, thus making the 1st post of September the 901st of 2015. I find round numbers more satisfactory. Meanwhile, the next post is usually being mentally drafted.

Ketlan's other daughter is visiting with her family this week so we will drive with them to the Lake District tomorrow. A good day but a desert for posting.

Americans, you export to the UK good sf, comic books and Mormon missionaries. I find that young Mormons listen to what I say. By proselytizing, they learn about alternatives.

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