Sunday, 9 August 2015

Theft Of Time Machines

How often must the Time Patrol address the problem of people who live earlier than the discovery of time travel finding out about it?

(i) "'Fanatic German up in 1917 learned the time-travel secret from an unwary anthropologist, stole a machine, has come to London to assassinate Her Majesty.'" ("Time Patrol" IN Time Patrol, p. 21)

(ii) Rozher Schtein in 2978 meets a man who claims to be a Saturnian merchant but sees through his lies, discovers that he is a time traveler from the far future, kills the man and steals his time machine (same story, pp. 39-40).

(iii) The Exaltationists are not meant to have access to timecycles but steal some and escape from their period.

(iv) The Conquistador Castelar, kidnapped by Exaltationists, steals one of their timecycles.

No doubt there are other cases that we are not told of.

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