Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Boxed Sets

(Addendum: This post was written in haste. Some additions have been made.)

Tales Of The Flying Mountains is a single volume and the Rustum History could be one but which series or sequences by Poul Anderson would make sense as uniform editions in boxed sets? I suggest:

The King Of Ys Tetralogy (with Karen Anderson)

The Viking Era (five novels)

The Last Viking Trilogy

The Time Patrol:
The Guardians Of Time
The Gods Of Time
The Thieves Of Time
The Shield Of Time

The Old Phoenix Sequence (four novels and one collection)

Trgvye Yamamura (three volumes)

The Psychotechnic History (five volumes)

The Maurai Future History:
Orion Shall Rise
There Will Be Time

The Kith Future Histories:

The Harvest Of Stars Tetralogy

The History Of Technic Civilization:
Box 1, League And Empire
Rise Of The Polesotechnic League
Decline Of The Polesotechnic League
Rise Of The Terran Empire
Box 2, Empire And After
Young Flandry And Outposts Of The Terran Empire
Captain Flandry Of The Terran Empire
Children Of Empire
After The Empire

I keep rethinking the Technic History. This way of doing it preserves the Baen Books' structure of seven volumes but divides them into three pre-Flandry, three Flandry and one post-Flandry.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Just a quick note! I would prefer to name the last Technic Civilization series volume THE POST IMPERIAL ERA. I simply think it SOUNDS better than AFTER THE EMPIRE. Also, I would include in this volume as an Appendix the original texts of the four or five Technic stories Anderson revised (such as "Margin of Profit"). The revised texts should, of course, be considered canonical.