Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Anglii

In "Star Of The Sea," a ship's captain tells Manse Everard:

"'...we coast west to the Anglii, with goods for a great market they hold this time of year.'" (Time Patrol, p. 572)

In 43 AD, the captain does not mean the English. Angles will not enter England, which will be named after them, until the Romans have left it. At present, they must still be back in the original Anglia or Angeln.

Everard has had instilled in him knowledge of a local Germanic language that "...was akin to what he had used in Britain some four centuries futureward, when the descendants of tribesmen on these North Sea shores were invading it." (p. 511)

- and that was on his first mission for the Time Patrol before he had been promoted to Unattached status. On that mission, Everard visits Kent which was invaded by Jutes whereas the Angles went into Northern and Central England and East Anglia and gave their name to England and Anglia. All that is centuries in the future when Everard meets the captain who is sailing to the Anglii.

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