Friday, 21 August 2015

How Do The Draka Do It?

How do SM Stirling's Draka control serfs who are never less than 85% of the population and usually slightly more?

(i) Groups of serfs are isolated in factory compounds, mines, plantations and households.

(ii) Police and army are always ready to move along the superbly maintained roads, railways and air transport systems. The pacified area is the "Police Zone" and areas yet to be pacified, i.e., where war is currently being waged, are the "War Zone."

(iii) There are widespread informer networks.

(iv) There are many instruments of repression and torture.

(v) It is known that a hundred serfs will be killed for even one Draka killed or injured.

(vi) Knowledge that their overthrow will mean their extermination unites the Draka.

(vii) They are arrogantly self-confident, having inherited the power of life and death over other human beings from birth.

(viii) They have received intensive military training from the age of five. Thus, they are visibly physically superior.

(ix) The training emphasizes not only deadliness but also self-reliance and the ability to act alone under stress. Thus, the Citizen Force is not a blunt but a finely tuned instrument.

(x) Serfs are indoctrinated to believe in Draka superiority and the uselessness of resistance.

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