Monday, 24 August 2015

"A Slip In Time": Conclusion

I have finished rereading SM Stirling's "A Slip In Time."

(i) I am not sure how Manse knew Wanda was near enough to rescue him when he made his suicide jump?

(ii) There is rather an abrupt transition to 18,244 BC and to Komozino's account of her restoration of the Sarajevo assassination without as yet apprehending the criminal(s).

(iii) Stirling confirms that Everard sometimes works in his future, in this case in Istanbul, 2043. But that is not very far uptime as these things go. It would not be necessary to cope with the bigger changes of hundreds or thousands of years.

(iv) Wanda thinks that:

"...the world around her and herself and Manse could - very well might - just stop at any instance." (Multiverse, pp. 82-83)

I have responded to this thought quite often by now. Wanda has seen this " around her..." still in existence four hundred years later. Komozino's restoration of the Sarajevo assassination generates the Patrol's preferred history with World War I beginning in 1914, not a WWI-free timeline persisting into 1926 and stopping then.

I would like to stay with the Time Patrol for a while longer and might reread sections of The Shield Of Time.

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