Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Learning History

"The Parthians...considered themselves the heirs of the Persian Empire which Alexander had conquered and Alexander's generals had divided among each other." (The Shield Of Time, p. 36)

 - and which Cyrus the Great had founded! If we read the Time Patrol series carefully, then we learn something of the course of history.

Some other examples:

Manse Everard is in Britain when Germanic tribes are invading it, then, later in his career but several centuries earlier in history, is among those tribes, including the Anglii, in their original territories;

Manse saves Rome from Carthaginians - led by Hannibal and helped by Neldorians - then saves Tyre from Exaltationists (Carthage was a Tyrian colony);

Antiochus the Great, who "'...put the Parthians in check...gave refuge to Hannibal after the Second Punic War...'" (pp. 74-75);

Carl Farness' descendants take "'...a leading part in founding the Spanish nation...'" (Time Patrol, p. 462) and a Spanish Conquistador steals a timecycle and is an ancestor of Wanda Tamberly!

As often happens, I did not realize how many connections I was going to find when I started to write this post.

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