Saturday, 8 October 2016

Time Patrol Installations

Posts linked here refer to certain prehistoric Patrol bases:

the Academy;
the Miocene-Pliocene transition base;
the Pleistocene Lodge;
the ranch in North America in 15,926 AD.

The Time Patrol series also reveals several others:

in 1765 BC, the secret vault under Babylon;
the Middle Mohenjodaro office;
in 950 BC, Jerusalem Base and the Zorach's house in Tyre;
the Achaemenid Milieu office;
in 209 BC, stations in Rome, Egyptian Alexandria, Syrian Antioch, Hecatompylos, Patalipushtra, Hien-yang and Cuicuilco and regional posts.

As usual, I wind up with a longer list than I had expected.

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