Thursday, 27 October 2016

Falkayn's Age

"Lodestar" is in two parts:

(i) on pp. 633-639 of David Falkayn: Star Trader;
(ii) on pp. 639-680.

(i) The first part happens "...shortly after the Satan episode..." (p. 639);
in it, David Falkayn is thirty three (p. 637);
he starts to think about the possibility of a planet like Mirkheim (p. 639);
we are told in the second part that Coya Conyon was an adolescent at the time of the Satan affair (p. 651) but has since matured.

(ii) The second part is set "...almost ten years..." (p. 652) after the first;
see also "...for most of the following decade..." on p.639;
"...ten years earlier..." (p. 654);
it follows that Falkayn is forty two or forty three in the second part;
the Supermetals company has been selling supermetals, secretly mined on Mirkheim, for "...barely three years..." (p. 660);
thus, there were seven years between Falkayn conceiving the idea and the Supermetals company starting business;
Falkayn and Coya are not yet married.

In Mirkheim, Prologue, Y minus 9:

David and Coya are newly married (Rise Of The Terran Empire, p. 13);
he is eighteen years older than her (ibid.);
he is forty one (p. 14).

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