Thursday, 20 October 2016

League Lives

In Poul Anderson, The Technic Civilization Saga, Volume I, The Van Rijn Method:

Adzel is a student;
James Ching advances from student to apprentice;
Juan Hernandez is an apprentice;
David Falkayn advances from apprentice to journeyman;
Emil Dalmady advances from factor to entrepreneur;
Nicholas van Rijn, Martin Schuster and Thomas Overbeck are Masters in the Polesotechnic League.

In Volume II, David Falkayn: Star Trader:

Falkayn has become a Master Merchant working for van Rijn with Adzel in his crew.

Thus, we stay with three of the eight characters introduced in Volume I but the History of the Polesotechnic League is considerably more than just a van Rijn series followed by a trader team series. In the post-League History, of course, Dominic Flandry is, in successive volumes, Ensign, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Knight, Captain, Admiral and Fleet Admiral. 

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I remember Martin Schuster, from "The Three Cornered Wheel." And I'm sorry we didn't get one or two more stories featuring that interesting character.