Sunday, 30 October 2016

Danellian Physics

If a time criminal like Merau Varagan is to alter the course of events, then he must travel to a nexus point where his actions can influence many world lines whereas a personal causal nexus like Lorenzo de Conti already lives at such a point. Most "changes" made by time travelers are minor and were "already" part of the past just as most quantum fluctuations in space-time-energy are inconsequential. However, at a nexus point, there are three possible causes of alterations:

unintended consequences of actions by a time traveler, e.g., Janne Floris;
intended consequences of actions by time travelers, e.g., Neldorians;
random changes in the life of a personal causal nexus.

Thus, time travel functions like a strong anthropic principle. It increases the possible causes of alterations but also provides the only possible way to counteract any alterations. Maybe Danellian physics can incorporate the occurrence of time criminals and the occurrence of personal causal nexuses into a single equation? Guion hints that the Exaltationists are part of a bigger problem.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And in both the alpha and beta timelines we see in "Amazement Of The World," poor Lorenzo de Conti never even knew he had become a nexus point where many possible world lines converged.