Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How Much Is Introduced In The Early Stories

See The Early Stories.

"The Saturn Game"
Jerusalem Catholicism is the religion of Philippe Rochefort and Axor.
The colonized Moon is the scene of important events in Satan's World.

"Wings of Victory"
Ythri: home planet of all the Ythrians.
Hermes: home planet of David Falkayn of the trader team.
Cynthia: home planet of Chee Lan of the trader team.
Woden: home planet of Adzel of the trader team.

"The Problem of Pain"
Aeneas: the setting of The Day Of Their Return.
Avalon: the setting of The People Of The Wind; a planet colonized by Terrans and Ythrians led by Falkayn.

"Margin of Profit"
Van Rijn: Falkayn's employer and grandfather-in-law.

"How To Be Ethnic..."
Alfzar: site of a Covenant between Terra and Merseia.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

The mention of Alfzar and the Covenant signed there by not only the Empire and Merseia but probably the other civilized space faring powers interested me. We known from ENSIGN FLANDRY that the Covenant was based on the laws and custom of war and diplomacy as slowly and painfully worked on ancient Terra. Basically, I assume Merseia (and the other, smaller powers) accepted, adopted, and ratified what we see in the Geneva Conventions and the Vienna Convention defining the laws and customs of war and diplomacy. As Commander Abrams said in ENSIGN FLANDRY, Merseia accepted these laws and customs for a sound reason: they WORKED.