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Does "Day of Burning" state that the trade pioneer crew led by David Falkayn works for Nicholas van Rijn or was that fict (fictional fact) retconned in "Trader Team"?

(Addendum: When I wrote this paragraph, I was under the mistaken impression that "Day of Burning" was published before "Trader Team.")

I said here that I was not sure about the status of the Cynthians. There is no doubt that this species was incorporated into the Technic Civilization that had originated in the Solar System. The only question in my mind was whether they had acquired the hyperdrive from Terrestrials or developed it independently. However, a society whose highest level was arboreal trading routes would not have been able to develop space technology with interstellar capacity. Thus, the Cynthians, like the Ythrians, must have bought spaceships or the technology to build them from human beings, then become independent spacefarers. The Merseians, rightly regarded as dangerous, are not sold faster than light technology. This is on David Falkayn's specific recommendation. Thus, Merseian resentment of mankind has a long time to mature. A time traveler wanting to change Technic History could prevent the Polesotechnic League from learning that Valenderay had gone supernova.

According to the Chronology of Technic Civilization, "Wings of Victory" is set in 2150. In that story, one character is said to have studied Cynthian trade-route cultures in his youth. Thus, might we arbitrarily date the discovery of Ta-chih-chien-pih, O2 Eridani A II, Cynthia to about 2100? One Cynthian culture modernized quickly but others were left behind and later joined Supermetals. A Cynthian freighter regularly calls at the Solar trading post on Suleiman. We see one Cynthian working for van Rijn and another later in the Terran Navy. Cynthians discovered and named Llynathawr, then sold it to the Empire. There is a Cynthian forest village on Daedalus. And I have probably missed a few references.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Hmmm, some renegade time traveler tried to prevent the Merseians from becoming the deadly enemies of Technic Civilization by having the Valenderay supernova discovered too late for Merseia to be saved? Then obviously the Time Patrol intervened to make sure the Merseians were not reduced to starving savages.

MY view is that the most advanced Cynthian "trading routes" had mastered the sciences up to about a late 19th century level. Not too hopelessly far behind! I can imaging Cynthian students going to Earth's universities to gain modern scientific educations.