Thursday, 27 October 2016

Falkayn's Age II

Mirkheim, Prologue, Y minus 9, is set nine years before Mirkheim, Chapter I. In Y minus 9, Coya Falkayn is about to embark on her first mission as a member of the trade pioneer crew led by her husband, David. In Chapter I, we learn that she was on the team for five years (Rise Of The Terran Empire, pp. 34-35) and has since had three years in the Solar System (p. 34). That adds up to eight years.

Sandra Miesel's Chronology of Technic Civilization gives a span of ten years between the end of "Lodestar" and Mirkheim, Chapter I. David and Coya have begun to come together at the end of "Lodestar." Thus, the Chronology allows a year or two for David to propose to Coya, become engaged, get married, have a honeymoon and recruit her to the team.

"Lodestar" is divided into two parts, the first set soon after Satan's World, the second, ten years later, set ten years before Mirkheim. In Mirkheim, David reflects that he betrayed van Rijn eighteen years previously. (p. 35) That was in the first part of "Lodestar."

Poul Anderson gives no year dates except in "The Saturn Game." All that we can do with the remaining installments of the Technic History is to calculate their chronological relationships to each other, not the years AD in which they happen.

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