Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Memories Of Time Travel

After returning to the twentieth century:

Martin Saunders remembers Taury the Red;
Carl Farness remembers Jorith in the early fourth century;
Manson Everard remembers Bronwen in Tyre;
Duncan Reid remembers Erissa after the destruction of Atlantis.

Jack Havig remains with Leonce in the future and Malcolm Lockridge remains with Auri at the beginning of the Bronze Age.

After returning to the nineteenth century, HG Wells' Time Traveler remembers Weena in 802,701 A.D.

Poul Anderson shows us the destruction of the island of Atlantis and also, with Karen Anderson, the destruction of the city of Ys.

We notice, first, powerful memories and, secondly, how much Anderson builds on the tradition of Wells.

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