Wednesday, 8 July 2015

This Blog

I hope that any new readers understand what is going down with this blog? Late in March 2012, the blog commenced and I began to publish posts about aspects of Poul Anderson's works. See here. My two favorite kinds of sf are time travel stories and future histories. Whereas HG Wells wrote The Time Machine and The Shape Of things To Come, Poul Anderson wrote a Time Patrol series, three independent time travel novels and eight future histories plus a lot more.

It was possible to post about Anderson alone for quite a while because:

his works are not only many but also rich and dense;

any given post may be brief, addressing perhaps a single detail of a single work;

over time, it becomes possible to reread works already discussed and to consider them afresh.

The blog has diversified by referring to other reading and activities and also more recently by discussing authors who can be seen as somehow connected to, or comparable with, Poul Anderson, currently SM Stirling. I will certainly post more about Mr Stirling's works. However, the blog remains Poul Anderson Appreciation. Anyone who scrolls down or searches through the blog will find 3494 posts, the vast majority directly concerning works by Anderson. And there is a strong tendency to continue discussing these works although at the same time no obligation to focus every post on some aspect of Anderson's admittedly vast canon.

I hope that this is sufficient explanation for anyone whose first sight of a Poul Anderson Appreciation blog is of a summary of a passage in a novel by another author.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And you have also honored me by publishing on your blog occasional essays or articles by me focusing on various aspects of the works of Poul Anderson. It's my hope that other readers will be inspired, with your permission, to submit their own essays.


Paul Shackley said...

Yes, indeed. More articles by more blog readers would be another way to diversify the blog. We do not lack for readers especially when I up my output but not many of them are proactive as yet.