Monday, 20 July 2015

Dinner At His Desk

SM Stirling, The Peshawar Lancers (New York, 2003), p. 181.

Baronet Sir Manfred Warburton of the Imperial Political Service works in an office in Metcalfe House on Chandi Chowk (see image) in Delhi. His evening meal comes to him "...on a covered thali platter..." from Nizzamudin:

spiced lentil-and-tamarind mulligatawny soup;
kahari chicken (see image);
pickled tandoor-grilled cauliflower with onions, okra and capsicum;
bakarkhani bread;
sandalwood-flavored sherbet;

Thus, Warburton adds to our food thread which, if followed all the way back to its earliest post, refers there to authentic Indian food served in Birmingham, England.

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