Monday, 27 July 2015

Increasing Complexity

The original four Time Patrol stories and the later "Ivory, And Apes, And Peacocks" each begin straightforwardly with their central character, Manson Everard. Then the series becomes more complicated.

"Gibraltar Falls" is about Tom Nomura and "The Sorrow Of Odin The Goth" is about Carl Farness although Everard plays a supporting role in both.

"Star Of The Sea," "The Year Of The Ransom" and "Death And The Knight" each begin by describing a problem that Everard will have to address.

"Star Of The Sea":

I deities marry in mythological time;
1 A Batavian barbarian addressing a Roman general quotes the sibyl whose goddess has told her that Rome is doomed.
2 Manson Everard arrives in the Amsterdam office of the Time Patrol in the late twentieth century.
Everard will address the threat to the Roman Empire.

"The Year Of The Ransom":

10 September 1987 A man on a timecycle kidnaps Wanda Tamberly.
3 June 1533 [Julian] Two men on a timecycle attack Castelar and Estaban.
15 April 1610 Exaltationists interrogate Stephen Tamberly; Castelar and Tamberly escape on a timecycle.
11 May 2937 BC A hansom cab brings Everard to the Tamberleys house in York Place.
Everard investigates Stephen Tamberly's disappearance.

"Death And The Knight":

Paris, Tuesday, 10 October 1307 Hugues Marot is arrested.
San Francisco, Thursday, 8 March 1990 Manse Everard and Wanda Tamberly are together.
Everard will rescue Hugh Marlowe aka Hugues Marot.

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