Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Looking Back

Does anyone reread this stuff? I forget what I have posted. Searching the blog for references to Olaf Stapledon, I have found:

"Another Stapledon," which explains why I think that Poul Anderson is a modern Olaf Stapledon;

Cosmic Histories, which lists and describes Stapledon's works, then summarizes the cosmic history of Anderson's "Pride" and Tau Zero;

Stapledon To Stirling, which locates Anderson at a stage intermediate between the classic Stapledon and the contemporary Stirling.

That third item also links to its immediately preceding post which discusses the bases of humanity and morality.

The blog could become endlessly self-referential although not vacuously circular like a cartoon that was circulated at work: woman seated at PC, man standing behind PC, both speaking into mobile phones. Man asks, "Did you receive my email?" Woman asks, "Would that have been the one about your text message?" In that case, the message has got lost among all the media whereas, in the case of the blog, I refer to very substantial works by Anderson, his predecessors and one current successor.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And you also take steps to avoid becoming TOO self referential by sometimes citing, where you believe it's appropriate, my own guest articles. And I keep hoping other fans will contribute their own notes. Surely, I hope, they will notice aspects of the works of Poul Anderson we have missed and contribute useful insights we would not have thought of coming up with. And that applies as well to the works of S.M. Stirling you have been reading and dicussing--and their connection to and allusions to Anderson's books.