Thursday, 28 January 2016

Further Reading

Our timeline had World Wars I and II and so far has avoided III. The Domination timeline had the Great War, the Eurasian War and the Final War.

In Drakas!, I have read:

"A Walk In The Park" by Anne Marie Talbott, set in another timeline;

"The Last Word" by Harry Turtledove, set during the aftermath of the Final War -

- and have begun to read "The Tradesman" by David Drake, apparently set during the Eurasian War.

According to BAEN BOOKS by S.M. Stirling on p. ii of Drakas!, SM Stirling has cowritten:

three books with James Doohan;
seven with David Drake;
two with Jerry Pournelle;
one (?) with Anne McCaffrey;
one with Shirley Meier -

- and I know that he has written a lot more besides this. I expect to continue reading but do not know what will come next.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

If you are thinking of trying out some of S.M. Stirling's co-written books I would suggest either the Raj Whitehall books with Dave Drake or the two books he co-authored with Jerry Pournelle. Just a thought!