Thursday, 28 January 2016

What Next For The Draka?

From reading my posts, Ketlan has become impressed with Gwendolyn Ingolfsson. Thus, he might borrow the Draka books and discuss them here.

Sean M Brooks informs me that The Domination not only collects the first three Draka novels but also includes, as a framing device, a dialogue occurring some time after the events of the fourth novel. Thus, I need to get a copy of The Domination for the most recent information from Earth/2.

Drakas! is an excellent themed anthology. Both Harry Turtledove and David Drake know how to write about war and I will have more to say about their contributions. I must also finish reading John Barnes' fascinating story. All that is lacking, of course, is a Draka story by Poul Anderson.

However, since I am about to walk up the hill to attend a Holocaust Memorial event in Lancaster Castle, the current post must be cut short.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor ,Paul!

I will be very interested in what Ketlan thinks of the Draka books and I hope he volunteers his own blog pieces about them.

It would be GREAT if a Draka story written by Poul Anderson was eventually found in those boxes of papers Greg Bear told me had been left behind. Yes, I know, not very likely!