Saturday, 23 January 2016


SM Stirling, Drakon (New York, 2000), Chapter One.

The Draka experiment with "moleholes" (wormholes) while the Samothracians (free archaic human beings at Alpha Centauri) already use them for interstellar travel! Stirling's Draka series could be continued indefinitely in two directions:

into the further future of the Domination timeline;

between timelines.

Will the Draka, the Lords of Creation, the New Virginians and the Angrezi Raj ever meet? Most of these groups travel between alternative Earths but such Earths are unlimited in number. Might any of them visit the Old Phoenix or some other inter-universal rendezvous point - although hopefully not just for a cosmic crowd scene?

"FTL was always considered equivalent to time-travel, Gwen mused. The surprising thing was that both seemed to be possible." (p. 14)

The Wiki article confirms that wormholes might be used for FTL although I do not think that the Samothracians are doing that yet? Stirling presents on p. 14 a condensed summary of wormhole effects that I need to reread. New scientific rationales for faster than light interstellar travel are very much in the sf tradition of Poul Anderson.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I quoted from one of Poul Anderson's letters to me that the weird effects seen around black holes might be where it could be possible to travel from one universe to another.

Also, I recall the very interesting discussion of alternate universes given us at the very beginning of THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS.