Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Future Of Earth/2?

SM Stirling, Drakon (New York, 2000), Chapter Seven.

Gwen expects to be put in charge of Earth/2 after the Draka conquest and domestication. Only resisters will be killed. Extreme measures will be unnecessary because homo sapiens cannot harm Homo drakensis. Gwen's administrative Household will be limitlessly rich and life will be a sort of utopia for everyone else with no more:

environmental problems
Alzheimer's disease

Industry will be in space. A tailored paravirus will alter heredity to Homo servus. As such, our descendants will retain personalities and thoughts but without any aggression or rebelliousness. Some will not be personally owned and will "'...even have property, to a certain extent.'" (p. 146)

So can this society evolve towards full equality with technology serving all intelligent species and replacing servus? Social evolution requires periodic revolutions but rebelliousness has been genetically removed from servus. The Final Society has enormous potential but also very great resistance to leveling up.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Actually, at one point, when Gwen was meeting Lefarge, the Samothracian agent during a truce, she said she might not turn Earth2 humans into another Homo servus breed. Why? Because while unmodified humans, with their capability for being aggressive and resistant to Draka "domination" would be dangerous, they would also be more INTERESTING.

Apologies if this was a spoiler!