Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cold In Lancaster

It is cold in Lancaster and has been snowing steadily for an hour. I have three social events to attend this evening, weather permitting. I had expected to be busy this weekend but, if we are to be weather-bound, then there might be more time for blogging. Pageviews are up: 400 yesterday and 230 so far today. Comments as always are welcome. A couple of people have said that they were unable to comment but it should be possible to email.

The content of posts is unpredictable. Rereading Mike Carey's Lucifer, for the sake of a change to a different medium, I found a relevant quote about telepathy. I now aim to alternate between discussion of Anderson's works and discussion of Anderson-related themes, which means that the sky is the limit. In fact, is there any major issue that Anderson did not address. If so, we can discuss that!

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