Thursday, 3 May 2018

Earth Book And Saga

Poul Anderson's The Earth Book Of Stormgate "spans, illuminates and completes" the Polesotechnic League period of Anderson's Technic History whereas The Technic Civilization Saga, Volumes I-VII, collects the entire History. The Earth Book collects twelve works, Saga Vol I collects eleven and they share seven.

How to transform the Earth Book into Saga, Vol I:

remove the last five works - these are distributed through Vols II and III;

add "The Saturn Game" at the beginning of the volume;

add the first and second of the three stories that were previously collected as The Trouble Twisters at the middle of the volume;

add the first of the three stories that were previously collected as Trader To The Stars at the end.

Thus, the contents of Vol I become:

"The Saturn Game"

"Wings of Victory"
"The Problem of Pain"
"Margin of Profit"
"How To Be Ethnic In One Easy Lesson"

"The Three-Cornered Wheel"
"A Sun Invisible"

"The Season of Forgiveness"
The Man Who Counts

"Hiding Place"

An Earth Book double sandwich.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

A very reasonable arrangement! My only quibble is wondering whether collecting these stories for a volume of a COMPLETE COLLECTED WORKS OF POUL ANDERSON. For a COMPLETE WORKS you want volumes which are not too thin and not too thick. How would you distribute the Technic stories among a COMPLETE WORKS?


Paul Shackley said...

I have discussed this on the blog and changed my mind several times. I think basically the League period in 3 vol, the Flandry period in 3, post-Flandry in 1. The thickest vol would by the Young Flandry trilogy with "Outpost of Empire" and THE DAY OF THEIR RETURN collected together.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

A little thick, I think, but not excessively so. And the volume collecting the four post-Imperial stories should, I argue, include the original texts of the Technic stories Anderson revised.