Friday, 8 July 2016

The Wild Hunt II

See The Wild Hunt.

When I asked, "In which other work or works does Anderson describe the wild hunt?," I knew that I had read such an account recently but it looks as if it was in this same work. See here. Elf-earl Imric sees:

a huge eight-legged horse faster than the wind;
a rider with a long grey beard and a shadowing hat;
moonlight glinting on a spear and a single eye;
a troop of dead warriors;
hounds -

- and hears:

Odin's horn;
hooves like hail on a roof;
the howling of the hounds;
raving rain.

We catch glimpses of the Hunt in "The Sorrow Of Odin The Goth." Carl Farness tells Manse Everard that Wodan-Mercury-Hermes is:

the god of the wind;
therefore, the Wanderer;
the patron of travelers and traders;
well versed in poetry and magic;
the conductor to the Afterworld of the dead who ride on the night wind.

"They spoke of a blue-cloaked spearman who rode through the sky on a mount that was not a horse." (Time Patrol, pp. 368-369)

"Something white flickered yonder - a scrap of cloud, or Swanhild riding behind the Wanderer?" (p. 465)

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