Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Vocabulary And Pathetic Fallacy

"...the Inuit's new camp...was in a valley, small and snug above a high-walled bight." (The Merman's Children, p. 180)

"Margrete...was attired in a gown and wimple..." (p. 186)

When Ingeborg brings Margrete good news and bids her to heed:

"A flaw of wind swooped into the court, raw and boisterous. A cloud passed overhead like a white banner. Crows laughed." (p. 187)

Boisterousness, a banner and laughter arrive with the good news. Here is the pathetic fallacy yet again.

I have reached the end of Book Three and am about to go out for part of the evening so we have reached a natural break.

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