Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Merman's Children, Book Four, Chapters IV-V

"...a ship left Copenhagen for Bornholm. After a rough crossing through the Baltic Sea, she docked at Sandvig on the north end of the island, where it rises in cliffs to the stronghold called Hammer House." (p. 209)

See here for travel from Copenhagen to Bornholm.

"...the rattle of pebbles sounded like a huge quern." (ibid.)

"...a bauta stone raised by folk long forgotten." (ibid.)

"...their aureate arm rings." (ibid.)

"'...the hangman's shadow lay over us after the Junkers sniffed gold...'" (p. 210)

"...their company should be as well off as any outside the Hansa, and able to hold its own in rivalry with the League." (p. 212)

(Nicholas van Rijn's Solar Spice & Liquor Company is in the Polesotechnic League but remains independent of cartels and becomes the leading independent.)

"...the bishop of Roskilde." (ibid.)

"His plan was that Tauno and Eyjan take ship for Dalmatia..." (ibid.)

"...they were again in Denmark." (ibid.)

Some places we have heard of, others we haven't, but the details are always interesting.

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