Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Peaceful Sea Voyage

This voyage is "...venturesome as a cast of dice in a Visby tavern..." (The Merman's Children, Book Four, Chapter V, p. 220)

down the North Sea
through the English Channel
around Britanny
down the Bay of Biscay
along the Iberian Peninsula
with a lookout for African Moors
through the Gates of Hercules
engaging a Majorcan pilot
up the Dalmatian coast

Narrative strands converge. Sundered merfolk will be reunited. One more supernatural threat will be addressed. The fates of the merfolk will be decided. The Epilogue, set 3012-3022, will end with an inspiring vision of the aftermath of Armageddon, just as Anderson's War of the Gods ends by anticipating the aftermath of Ragnarok.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    I fear you made a mistake here. I checked my copy of THE MERMAN'S CHILDREN and it has nothing like an Epilogue set in AD 3012-3022. I think you had the ending of another of Anderson's books in mind.


    1. Sean,
      My copy has an Epilogue which begins:
      "In May of the year of Our Lord 1312...," then, further down: "In 1322, civil war broke out."

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      Aha! Now I understand. It was just a typo you made. And I did read up a bit about this history. The civil war mentioned was part of the struggles of Charles I of Hungary and Croatia to enforce his actual rule of the kingdom against pretenders and powerful barons. It wasn't till about 1321 that King Charles finally triumphed over his enemies and was undisputed master of Hungary/Croatia.