Sunday, 15 May 2016

Other Historical Connections

St Patrick, Sucat in the Andersons' King of Ys Tetralogy, has a historical or legendary association with part of Lancaster City District. The image shows stone graves which are near the ruined St Patrick's Chapel, Heysham.

Prince Rupert of the Rhine, hero of Poul Anderson's A Midsummer Tempest, fought a battle in Lichfield.

St Martin, Martinus in Ys, has a church in Birmingham and had a College in Lancaster.

The historical city of York features in three works by Poul Anderson, in a historical past, an alternative present and a future conscious simulation of an alternative past! Anderson covered every possibility: backwards, forwards and sideways in time, from physical space into cyberspace and also into the supernatural.

On a tourist trail in a town near Caernarfon, we had to find a lion's head on a wall but this was mere decoration, not an esoteric symbol - although there might have been a secret meeting of Hindus, Mithraists or Narnians...

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