Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Does anyone out there dislike the amount of theology that gets discussed on this blog? It is only here because I follow the contents of Poul Anderson's works, currently Poul and Karen Anderson's. As it happens, theology combines mythology and philosophy and I am interested in both of those subjects.

I was particularly interested in a discussion in the Ysan Symposium. See here. It was suggested that Gods represent Beings as words denote things and that They change in the same way that language changes. In any case, the Bible is a foundation document for Western civilization so I think that anyone who is educated should be able to make an informed judgment about the historical claims of Christianity which necessitates studying New Testament documents.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I do not in the least object to how often you discuss theology and religion, even if I often find it necessary to disagree with you. After all, as you said, Poul Anderson's works themselves often encourages such discussions. Because he took religious seriously and respected honest believers in God.

Of the top of my head, what you said about the Ysan Symposium reminded me of the controversy among Medieval philosophers over Nominalism. If my memory is correct the Nominalists also argued that words denote the things they refer to.

In his four volume MARGINAL JEW series, Fr. John Meier has argued that there is more of history to be found in the Gospels than "Modernist" writers insist was the case.

And besides the books of the NT, I also advocate becoming familiar with early Christian, non canonical writings. Esp. those called the Apostolic Fathers. I mean the "Didache," the letters of Clement of Rome, and the letters of St. Ignatius of Antioch, etc.