Saturday, 21 May 2016

Two Witch-Queens At Samhian

Dahut asks Tommaltach:

"'Will you be my companion on [Samhain] eve?'"
-Dahut, Chapter XI, section 2, p. 245.

Of course he agrees - but he expresses himself very dramatically:

"'My lady...I would die for you.'" (ibid.)

Dahut replies that that should not be necessary but thanks and flatters him. We think no more of this. However, die for her is exactly what he is going to do. And when Gratillonius kills each of her champions, she simply finds another, even including a Christian. That would hardly please the Gods. Does Dahut think either that a Christian can be persuaded to accept polygamy or that the Ysan Gods can be persuaded to accept monogamy?

Meanwhile, King Niall, sworn enemy of Ys, also uses Samhain to advance his cause. Invoking the dead Witch-Queen Mongfind, he receives this advice:

"'Seek the Queen who has no King.'" (p. 251)

So Dahut will find her champion and he will not do what she wants.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Alas, I fear it can be easy for a beautiful but ruthless woman to SEDUCE some men to do what she wants them to do, even if this contradicted their most deeply held beliefs.