Friday, 20 May 2016

Ys Gleams; Wind Mourns

In the opening paragraph of Dahut, Chapter XI, section 9, on p. 231:

dusk deepens;
stars glimmer;
Ys gleams;
wind mourns in the Wood of the King.

By now, we are familiar not only with the gleaming towers of Ys but also with the wind commenting on the action. Indeed, it even got involved in the action by whipping Dahut.

Here, Dahut asserts her independence by riding without an escort. This enables Rufinus to intercept and warn her that he will defend and, if necessary, avenge his King. I recall from previous readings of the series that Dahut and Rufinus share a destiny. As it happens. they both love King Gratillonius in ways that are forbidden by the King's religion but the difference is that Rufinus remains loyal.

Meanwhile, on the basis of recent passages, I expect that we will continue to hear from the wind.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I remember that part about Rufinus intercepting and warning Dahut to behave herself or ELSE. But, that was a serious mistake of him. He frightened Dahut, but not into ceasing her plots. Instead, she got one of the other queens who supported her to blackmail Rufinus into leaving Ys till the succession crisis was past. If Rufinus had remained in the city he would have had the skills and means needed for finding the evidence needed for thwarting Dahut's schemes before she had gone too fatally far. Gratillonius might have contrived a means of saving her life, if only by exiling Dahut.