Monday, 30 May 2016

A Post Of Two Cities

(i) The people of the city of Ys go forth into the Skippers' Market and the people of Lancaster go forth into Ryelands Park. (See image.)

(ii) We are two small cities...

(iii) ...on north west coastlines of the Empire.

(iv) Both need protection from high tides. Recently, Lancaster was flooded.

(v) Lancastrians also might have an ecological disaster because we have two nuclear power stations right on the coast.

(vi) Both cities are at the end of an Age...

(vii) ...and speculating about what is to come.

(viii) Seagulls circle around Ysan towers and also around Ryelands Park in seach of dropped food, in our cases chips and bits of burger.

I spent today at Ryelands Park. This is the 150th post for May and it is the 30th of the month so I will see you all here again in June.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I only wish the UK and US had LOTS more nuclear power plants! Much better than depending on oil extracted from stormy difficult places like the North Sea or violent, unstable regions like the Mid East.

I think Anderson's "The Saturn Game" describes our times as the "Chaos," which is all too apt a name! A time of chaos I date from 1914. And I see no foreseeable end to it.

Currently reading Pournelle/Stirling's PRINCE OF SPARTA. A very interesting fictional depiction of "Low Intensity Conflict" (sic) and how civilized should handle it. To paraphrase what various characters say, "The great thing is not to lose our nerve." Not letting terrorists goad you into lashing out blindly and playing into their hands.