Saturday, 7 May 2016

How To Compromise With Success

Having defeated but spared Rufinus, Gratillonius says that he will give Taranis a hecatomb of beasts instead. Soren Cartagi, the Speaker for Taranis, thinks that this will not suffice because "' sacrificial blood will flow in his heart.'" (Gallicenae, p. 195) Thus, Soren acknowledges that it is what is within a man that counts. Christians have replaced literal flesh and blood with sacramental bread and wine so can Ysans not do something similar in their new Age? The Witch Queen Lanarvilis almost suggests this. If they are at the end of an Age, then:

"'...mayhap Ys is once more offered the cup of youth, and if she will not taste it must soon grow old and die?'" (p. 194)

After the horse sacrifices in the Vedas, one Upanishad says:

"In the secret high place of the heart there are two beings who drink the wine of life in the world of truth." (see here.)

(Stop offering blood sacrifices and look within.)

Soren threatens to pay Armoricans to challenge Gratillonius but the Gallicenae forbid it. Gratillonius has strengthened the city, reinvigorated trade, reconciled high and low, preserved Ysan freedom and taught Saxons and Scoti to fear Ys. He is best placed to hold off Maximus and has popular support. The marines obey him, not Soren, when the latter tells them to kill Rufinus. The crowd cheers when he enters the city with armed men, leading Rufinus. (Christians say, "Vox populi, vox Dei," the voice of the people is the voice of God. The Church canonizes a man when it realizes that the people will revere him in any case.)

Soren will talk the horrified Lir Captain out of openly opposing Gratillonius but:

"'We will not rebel, not conspire, but bide our time. Let the Gods work as They will.'" (p. 196)

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

While it is true most Protestants take the Eucharist in merely a symbolic sense, Catholics and Orthodox believe Christ is truly present after the consecration under the accidents of bread and wine.

And another factor which forced Soren Cartagi to back down was how most of the Nine Queens supported Gratillonius. But your comment about the Nine forbidding Cartagi to pay challengers to fight Gratillonius implied that!

And the Speaker and Lir Captain would eventually discover, to their horror, just how their gods would work!