Thursday, 29 September 2016

Time Patrol Organization

There is little direct contact with Danellian civilization a million years hence.

The Patrol has uniforms and semimilitary ranks but minimum formality.

History is divided into milieus.

Each milieu has a disguised head office in a major city for a twenty-year period and smaller branch offices in other decades.

The 1850-2000 period has three milieus:

the Western world, HQ in London;
Russia, Moscow;
Asia, Peiping;
all 1890-1910.

An attached agent remains in his own period, often with an authentic job.

Unattached agents go whenever is necessary, answerable only to the Middle Command and the Danellians.

Communication is " tiny robot shuttles or by courier, with automatic shunts to keep such messages from piling up at one instant." (Time Patrol, p. 13) (How are couriers shunted?)

After several decades in a given period, an agent moves elsewhen with a changed identity. Carl Farness, recruited in 1980, moves with his wife to the 1930's. The Denisons move from New York mid-century to Paris, 1981.

We last see Manse Everard in his twentieth century persona in 1990. He should still be alive two or three decades later but must have moved house - he was in that New York apartment from the mid-'50s - and will, in any case, have lived into a new milieu with a different HQ.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And, naturally, members of the Time Patrol would wear their uniforms only in the future, after time traveling was discovered. Or, additionally, in secure locations for formal, official reasons--as at the trials of temporal criminals.