Thursday, 29 September 2016

19352 AD

The Nine discover time travel in 19352 AD;
it is the 7841st year of the Morennian Triumph;
the Chorite Heresiarchy is breaking up;
a turbulent age;
commercial and genetic rivalries between giant combines;
governments are pawns in a galactic game;
a search for a means of instantaneous travel;
time travel as a by-product;
both involve infinitely discontinuous functions;
the Nine plan to use time travel to enrich themselves and to eliminate their enemies;
the Danellians arrive from the further future, thwart the Nine and found the Patrol;
time travel led to the Danellians -

- so how how many reality alterations had there been?

"'Time travel was old when they emerged, there had been uncountable opportunities for the foolish and the greedy and the mad to go back and turn history inside out.'" (Time Patrol, p. 11)

We are used to the Danellians staying in the background so the idea of them appearing openly sounds apocalyptic. We would like to read a novel set in 19352 AD. It does not sound quite like any others of Poul Anderson's interstellar scenario.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

It is true the Danellians stay in the background in practically all of the Time Patrol stories. But, it makes sense to think that at least once they acted or intervened openly, at the time time travel was invented, in order to thwart the Nine.

And I wonder what exactly was the Morennian Triumph and the Chorite Heresiarchy?