Thursday, 29 September 2016

Time Patrol: Miscellaneous

I deduced that Everard was recruited to the Time Patrol in 1954 because, at the end of "Time Patrol," he returns home to a year that is a decade after 1944. (Time Patrol, p. 53) But, in any case, the year 1954 is stated on p. 4.

Cynthia Denison and Mr Gordon:

"'...checked with Records in milieu headquarters.'" (p. 61)

Surely Records do not have to be maintained in an office that exists for only twenty years? The entire Records of the Patrol could fit onto a small memory unit that could then be installed in every Patrol computer.

"In the case of a missing man, you were not required to search for him just because a record somewhere said you had done so." (pp. 61-62)

Yes, you are required to do so. Otherwise, the you who did the search will arrive home and you will have duplicated yourself. And you should not have consulted the record beforehand in the first place. When Keith fails to return:

Cynthia consults Gordon;
Gordon asks himself of a week ahead and is told that Keith did not return;
they check with the information clearinghouse which says that Keith never came to them;
then they check with milieu HQ Records who say that Keith never returned and was never found;
then MHQ orders the unsuccessful search;
Cynthia appeals to Everard who does rescue Keith.

Surely this was all done the wrong way around? Did Records lie to Cynthia, knowing that she would then appeal to Everard who would succeed?

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Either Poul Anderson made a rare slip here or he wanted us to think Records lied to Cynthia so she would appeal to Everard for his assistance. Most likely because the reign of Cyrus the Great was too important to leave totally to "chance."