Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Intelligence-Gathering II

The previous post mentioned three spies of different species in the Technic History:

Erannath, Ythrian;
Rax, from somewhere distant and unpronouceable;
Flandry, human.

Another hero of intelligence-gathering is Targovi, Tigery, who learns that:

there is discontent and a sense of betrayal in the Patrician System, especially among Navy personnel;

the discontent is being fomented with unfounded allegations, inflammatory slogans and hostile japes;

spacecraft have been seen to land surreptitiously on Zacharia island;

the recent Merseian attack was led with unprecedented stupidity, flying straight into an obvious trap;

however, the Terran fleet under Admiral Magnusson could have pursued its advantage and inflicted greater damage but instead allowed most of the Merseian armada to retreat;

Captain Jerrold Ronan, in charge of Naval Intelligence for the Patrician System, is displeased by Targovi's report and refuses to explain why, citing official secrets;

Jerrold hints that the landings on Zacharia are a secret Navy operation and orders Targovi to speak no more about them;

he adds that Targovi had no right to question Merseian prisoners and is qualified neither to discuss strategy nor to criticize Magnusson;

in fact, Targovi is ordered to drop this line of inquiry and not to initiate any further investigations.

What does all this mean? That Magnusson is about to rebel and is a Merseian sleeper.

However, the supreme spy of the Technic History has to be Aycharaych the Chereionite, an agent of Merseia, simply because he is an unprecedented universal telepath.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I like Poul Anderson's line in A CIRCUS OF HELLS about people on Irumclaw thinking Rax had been forced to leave his home world for reasons of health. Which I thought amusing!

Aycharaych the master spy of master spies? I agree!


Sean M. Brooks said...

I forgot to add that I now think Captain Jerrold was himself also a Merseian agent. After all, Magnusson himself could not have been the only human traitor working for Merseia. I don't think an officer genuinely loyal to the Empire (even if the misguided sense of supporting a usurper) would have been so dismissive of Targovi's findings.