Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Overlapping Stories

I had been thinking that, as far as possible, the Nicholas van Rijn stories should be collected together and the trader team stories should also be collected together. Of course, these two sub-series overlap. Van Rijn employs the trader team and appears in all but one of their stories. Now, however, I have come to think instead that the stories should alternate as they in fact do in Baen Books' The Technic Civilization Saga, compiled by Hank Davis.

If I refer to Sandra Miesel's Chronology of Technic Civilization published at the end of each volume of the Saga, this is for convenience. The Chronology shows us the sequence of events. However, for discussion of the most plausible and consistent dates for particular events, see here.

The Chronology tells us that:

"Margin of Profit," about van Rijn, and "How To Be Ethnic In One Easy Lesson," about Adzel, occur in the same year;

stories overlap in the two succeeding decades.

"A Sun Invisible," "The Season of Forgiveness" and The Man Who Counts can overlap, within the parameters of the relativity of simultaneity, because they happen to different characters on different planets. In fact, they recount the doings of Falkayn, Ivanhoans and van Rijn, all introduced in previous stories. "Esau" and "Hiding Place" involve van Rijn and therefore cannot be simultaneous.

A decade later:

"Territory," about van Rijn, and "The Trouble Twisters," introducing the trade team led by Falkayn, can be simultaneous;
"The Trouble Twisters" includes a flashback to van Rijn explaining the trader team idea to Falkayn but that is a flashback and clearly happened earlier;
"Day of Burning," about the trader team, and "The Master Key," featuring van Rijn, can be simultaneous;
Satan's World, about van Rijn and the trader team, and "A Little Knowledge," about other characters who refer to van Rijn, can be simultaneous;
"A Little Knowledge" can happen in the ten year period between the trader team section and the van Rijn section of "Lodestar."

Can we for convenience refer to all fictional narratives whatever their length as "stories"? In that case, the Polesotechnic League period of the Technic History comprises:

three Avalon stories;
one Adzel story;
six van Rijn stories;
two Falkayn stories;
five trader team stories (incorporating Falkayn, Adzel and, with one exception, van Rijn);
two other stories;
nineteen in total.

Nicholas van Rijn's great-grandson, Nicholas Falkayn, is born near the end of Mirkheim and speaks to his son, Nat, on the planet Avalon in "Wingless." In The People Of The Wind, their descendant, Tabitha Falkayn, becomes engaged to Christopher Holm whose ancestor, Ivar Holm, appears in "Rescue on Avalon." I cannot get enough of the interconnectedness of the Technic History.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Thanks for the nice mention, yet again, of my suggested revision of Sandra Miesel's Chronology of Technic Civilization. And I am grateful as well for how SpeakNoEvil pointed out several ways in which my revision could be improved. One of these days I SHOULD get around to that!

Ivar Holm an ancestor of Christopher Holm? It would have been interesting if we could have seen an ancestor of Manuel Argos, who founded the Terran Empire. All we know, from "The Star Plunderer," was that his father was a miner who died young.