Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sean M. Brooks

The title character of the current post has made and continues to make four important contributions to this blog. Sean has written (i) many comments and (ii) several articles. For the latter, see here.

Sean (iii) contributes a world-view that is very different from my own but that is in fact more appropriate to a Poul Anderson Appreciation blog! (I think I can safely say that we would both like to see more world-views expressed here.)

Sean (iv) not only introduced me to the works of S.M. Stirling but also showed me that Stirling is a worthy colleague and successor of Poul Anderson. Thus, it has become appropriate to discuss several of Mr. Stirling's works on Poul Anderson Appreciation and in fact I still await the arrival by post of Nantucket Volume II.

Thus, Sean's contributions have significantly influenced both the content and the direction of the blog.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Many, many thanks for your kind and flattering comments about me! They were much appreciated! Esp. when I consider hope patient you have been with my perhaps sometimes too forcefully expressed views.

Yes, I do wish more and opposing viewpoints would be expressed here, both for shaking things up here and because a closer approximation to what is true is likely to reveal itself thru debate.

Yes, it is true I believe myself closer in someways to the mind and thought of Poul Anderson than an even a moderate center leftist like you (I hope this does not offend you!). Albeit, I would say I'm a bit more conservative than Poul Anderson in some ways (mostly in not being quite as libertarian leaning as he was).

And, of course I'm glad to have persuaded you to start reading S.M. Stirling's books!

I value you because you are that rarity (at least in the US), a fair minded center leftist who doesn't cast out into the outer darkness conservatives, libertarians, and Christians. And, of course, because you are such an enthusiastic fan of Poul Anderson and his works.

Again, many thanks for your kind words! Sean